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"Glitter and Be Gay", Carnegie Hall. Accompanied by Warren Jones

There are a lot of teachers out there...

which makes it really hard to decide who would be the best fit for you and your goals. So here's my deal - I try to minimize the intimidating nature of voice lessons, and jump into what interests you. I have a Masters of Music in Opera and a B.S. in Music Education, so I aim to combine vocal technique with my understanding of how and when people are able to truly learn; a safe, fun, exploratory environment. jump to contact form


When I was doing The Phantom of the Opera I started finding a niche teaching adult professional dancers in my cast how to strengthen their vocal toolbox. Something I believe to be very true of dancers, and actually true of people in general, is that we are using aspects of our bodies that relate to singing in our day to day life, all the time. We start from there, things you know how to do: yawn, call across the street, use a straw, fill a balloon, LAUGH! It's not so serious, and we will always be noting how far you've come. You just need a song or two that make you feel confident, the vocabulary to communicate with music teams so they can help you succeed in an audition setting, and the reminder that you have what it takes.

My other speciality is helping students succeed across many different genres. Are you a classical singer who would like to try to mix and belt? I've got you. With my masters in opera I understand how you are used to producing sound, and can lead you to contemporary resonance in a safe and attainable way. Are you a belter who finds their high soprano register is breathy and thin? Let's work on expanding your inner space while utilizing that beautiful forward resonance you've already honed. We can try several exercises back and forth until something makes sense to YOU for the sound you are aiming to produce. We always discuss what a warmup or exercise is aiming to do, so that you know how to prepare yourself for whichever genre you are looking to perform that day. 


I have taught piano and voice students as young as 4 and 5, through college preparation and university level voice students and master classes. We will choose some songs for vocal growth of course, but I would rather us spend time digging into a song that really means something to you. Do the lyrics make you feel alive? Will it show off your sense of humor to an audition panel? Is it a character who helps you channel your inner strength? Have you just always wished you could sing this song? These things make a difference in how you perform.


I also help interested students learn to self accompany pop music on piano or guitar! This can be a very empowering thing to have in your back pocket as the arts become more and more reliant on multi-faceted artists. I would love to assist you in all of these goals, as I have with my students for the last 10+ years. I love teaching, I love watching my students succeed, and I feel honored to be a small part of their lives for the time we share in lessons. 

"I couldn’t sing before Kate. I had been in lessons for years but it didn’t click until I worked with her. Kate understood what I didn’t understand. She gave me the technical and anatomical descriptions I needed to progress. She could then give me quick adjustments and I could actually apply them. My voice became my instrument! For the first time I actually understood what needed to happen physically. It wasn’t just make this sound and imagine this. It was concrete physical adjustments that(being a dancer) I could apply. Kate can give you the most technical advice, demonstrate it and then also help you find color, tone, and storytelling. She added all these layers to my songs. She can coach, she can be technical, I cannot recommend her enough!"
- student Daniela F.

(The Phantom of the Opera national tour, Radio City Christmas Spectacular)

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