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"Where to start but with the showstopping Kaitlyn Davis? Earnest yet strong of heart, she fit the role of Carole like a glove. When she sang, the notes seemed to both float to the ceiling and pierce the sky all at once. Effortless yet powerful. I could listen to her for hours. Her portrayal of Carole was a delight. You celebrated with her, cried with her, and at times yearned to yell out and let her know "It's all going to work out, trust me! Just keep going!""

- Broadway World

"There are moments when the audience is completely still, enthralled by the vocal splendor of Kaitlyn Davis"

-The Herald Bulletin

"Blessed with a silver-toned voice and impressive emotive skills, she makes what could be a cardboard character into a flesh-and-blood woman fighting for her soul."

-CT Theatre News

Davis has pure beauty in her high notes plus a seamless connectivity as she descends through mid-range to belting low notes. The diminutive lady superbly projects youth and vulnerability with passion and moxie.

-The Cultural Critic, Philadelphia

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